Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Nemo

Welcome to the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I will post on a word
featuring a different letter of the alphabet each day of the month of April.
My theme for this challenge is Animals on TV and Film.

Nemo - "Finding Nemo"

THE STORY: Nemo is a clown fish in the Great Barrier Reef who ventures to the open sea and gets abducted by a boat that takes him to a dentist's office near Sydney Harbor. Nemo's father, Marlin, with the help of Dory, a regal tang, search for his lost son.  

ABOUT NEMO: A victim of an over-protective father and a physical handicap (small right fin due to a minor injury to his egg from a barracuda attack), Nemo naturally attempts to prove his fish-hood. As luck would have it, he gets trapped in a dentist's fish tank. With the help of his new friends, the Tank Gang, Nemo escapes by faking his death.

Have you ever been lost?


  1. I love Nemo and had to add you post to my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the AtoZChallenge!

    Happy Monday!

  2. A.D.: Wow! Thanks! Happy blogging!

  3. I am really enjoying each of your blogs for the A-Z challenge!

    Finding Nemo is my favorite animated film... besides the 'ol Disney classics.

    Thanks for sharing, Luana :)
    Mandy @ The Chockboard

  4. Mandy: Nemo is a cute story. He's a colorful fish, too. Love those fish stories. LOL.

  5. Dory is my fav. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

  6. Nemo's story shown in the movie touched my heart, mostly because its about humanity. I've never been lost, but I've lived far away from my loved ones for over twenty years. Blog on!

  7. Leslie Rose: Dory is aDORable! Ellen Degeneres was a perfect choice to voice Dory. Funny and sweet.

  8. Francene: Nemo is a touching story. I've been lost a few times. A few years ago I was running on the beach at the Outer Banks in South Carolina (vacation). I didn't remember where I started and couldn't find the entrance back to our beach house. All the houses looked alike. It seemed like I jogged up and down the beach for hours before I found the right spot.

  9. I love this movie - and Dory makes me laugh every time I see her.

  10. What a great series for the A to Z Challenge. I loved all the great dog movies, including Old Yeller, and I can't get enough of the colorful fun films like Finding Nemo. Now I'm going to scroll all the way back to "A" to see what other surprises you have here.