Thursday, March 31, 2016

Carpe Diem!

I am working on my new film, The Book of Simon, a story about a man who finds a magical book that narrates his story. It's "The Twilight Zone" meets "Stranger Than Fiction."

We start shooting April 2 and I'm pretty excited. The weather should cooperate and melt some of this snow that we've had this week.

My motto for this project is Carpe Diem! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

My Film for the Wyo Short Film Contest

Lion's Park in Cheyenne, WY

We are set up to shoot the film on April 2. Actors are lined up. I'm working on the script and shot list. Also experimenting with video effects I'd like to use. Location scouting this week and have found some great places in downtown Cheyenne, including a bank exterior with mirrored walls. STUNNING. I hope it will work in one of the scenes. Ya gotta be careful with mirrors.

The other location is Lion's Park. Heading out there tomorrow to see what it looks like. We just got 13 inches of snow the other day. 

Making progress.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Movie Project

I'm pretty excited to be writing a script for the Wyoming Short Film Contest.

Contest guidelines state that it should be no longer than five-minute film and inspired by the phrase "WY am I here?" I'm going to try to implement some new film techniques that I'm learning.

Deadline is April 15.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Van Gogh Film - Painting Animation

The Daily Dot is creating a stunning animated video about Vincent Van Gogh using actual paintings from artists around the world. It is the first ever of its kind. Truly magnificent!

Film about Vincent Van Gogh

I've never seen anything like this.

As an artist and art history buff, I am thrilled to see these stunning paintings presented in a such a creative way. I'm amazed at the talent of the artists involved in this project and the skill of the computer animators in putting it all together to tell the story of Van Gogh using his actual paintings. A true masterpiece.