Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bach and Ballet

So I'm scrolling through Facebook and come across a post from the New York City Ballet. Lo and Behold, I read this:

"If someone told you that seeing a certain piece of art, listening to a particular piece of music, or watching a specific ballet would transform your life and alter your vision of the world, you would definitely make sure you saw, listened or watched, right? Well here's your chance. Jerome Robbins' The Goldberg Variations."

This mini-documentary about how Bach's Goldberg Variations are performed as ballet is inspiring. I'm a huge fan of Bach and of ballet, so watching the melding of the two together is a double portion of beauty, art and joy!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Creating Promotion Videos

My latest projects:

I've been creating videos for my friend Monica, a freelance writer, who interviews local artists and business owners for her blog. My first video featured Monica herself and I just finished a video for a local Cheyenne business, Iron Sharpens Iron, which creates metalwork art from re-purposed metal.

Here's a link to that video:

Here is a link to Monica's video promoting her freelance writing business:

I've really enjoyed making these videos. I'm trying to learn more creative ways to do them in the future. Perhaps mixing it up with various locations and adding different video effects. These videos were shot at Monica's home.

I'm also creating inspirational videos for church that feature beautiful landscapes and music.

Another project in works is a web series I'd like to create and produce.

My biggest obstacle is wanting to update my video camera and editing software! Need money for these high-end purchases. Sigh.

Stay tuned!