Friday, October 28, 2016

Episode 4 - Location

Location! Location! Location!

As a filmmaker, I am continually inspired by my surroundings. Often, a location will give me an idea for a film. 

Location itself is a story waiting to be told. If I'm walking on a trail in the woods, I might imagine a paranormal creature lurking in the dark. Or I'm sitting in a coffee shop and imagine a woman telling her friend about her new job as caretaker of Alcatraz.  

Here are a few tips for filmmakers regarding location.

1. Do a drive by or a walk through - Look at places that are visually interesting and capture the mood of your film. Look at color, light and space. Visit the location at the time you would shoot that scene, whether day or night, or both. 

2. Interiors - A suburban home? Haunted house? Apartment? Office? Restaurant kitchen? Supermarket? Elevator?

3. Exteriors - Grave yard? Football field? Park? Playground? City street? Swimming pool? Farm?

4. The shorter the film, the fewer locations should be used.

5. Get permission to use privately owned businesses or property. A location release is a document that states the terms of use. 

6. When scouting your location, keep in mind the equipment you will need. Lights, camera, sound, etc. For example, a room with no windows will need special lighting. If you're outdoors, the wind may cause a problem with sound. 

7. If it's a public place, keep in mind the time and day of the shoot to account for crowds. For example, there might be more people in the park on a Sunday afternoon, than during a week day.