Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kid Stuff -- Or Is It?

This month when my grandkids visit, we'll be watching some of the BEST kids animation movies EVER! Take a sneak peak at our party shows!

The Incredibles -- Why couldn't I have grown up in a family like this?
The Lion King -- Haven't seen it yet.
Dispicable Me -- Haven't seen it yet.
Ratatouille -- My favorite! Genius on every level.
Madagascar -- Love the cultural references that go over the kids' heads.
Tangled  -- Maximus the Horse ROCKS!
Kung Fu Panda  -- Po is my Bro!
Cars -- I always knew that cars had personality. Mine is a Bohemian coffee house singer.
Toy Story -- Makes me want to play with my toys so they don't get lonesome.
Pocahantas -- Haven't seen it yet.
Lady and the Tramp -- Best Doggy Rom Com.
101 Dalmatians -- Cutest pups EVER!

And we'll go to the theatre to see Brave which is SO gonna happen!

So which is your favorite?


  1. The Incredibles is a lot of fun - Despicable Me is also very cute; Toy Story and Lady and the Tramp are classics for a reason! Haven't seen the rest - let us know what you think!

  2. Craig: Don't worry. I'll keep you posted. Gonna be a fun ride!

  3. Get the kleenex out for Pocahontas. I adore that movie. I use it as a teaching tool in my class every year. I'm surprised how many kids haven't seen it. You'll love the music. I always have a kleenex moment in Tangled when the lanterns are released. Ahhhhhhh...