Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fistful of Dollars

It was Clint Eastwood day at the Krause household. "Fistful of Dollars" started out with the most amazing opening credit sequence ever. Nothing like horse and riders in silhouette with the outstanding soundtrack. Yes, this movie is one of Clint's best.

The cinematography is breathtaking. Perfect setting with the Spanish style village and adobe buildings. The shadows, lighting, close ups, long shots, everything perfect. Love the coffin maker.

And it wouldn't be a Clint Eastwood movie without dynamite.


  1. Indeed it would not. Great movie! Cheers!

  2. Craig: thanks for stopping by. I don't know why, but every few years I have to watch Clint Eastwood movies. I guess it's something about winter time that makes me long for the desert and horses kicking up dust.