Sunday, September 4, 2011

Story Board

I've made four revisions to the story board already and I'll probably make a few more before we start shooting. But that's okay. It keeps everyone on the same page so the day of the shoot should run pretty smoothly.

Susan and I had our second production meeting yesterday and she showed me the Evil Bear masks she was working on. They are amazing! She is so creative and I'm  happy to be working with her on this project.

I got my new camera yesterday as well. It's a Sony HG camera and it's pretty cool. It has an internal hard drive AND uses SD cards! I need break it in and shoot some video. Tomorrow will be a good day -- a cookout at my brother's house. They have three kids that love to ham it up.


  1. Congrats on your new camera. You can't go wrong with Sony.


  2. Story boards are so important. Even a commercial or short - five minute film should have a story board. Makes everything so much easier. Good luck with your movie.


  3. Luana, unfortunately for me, I can't draw to save my life. However, I use stick figures. It still works, but not as classy as what an artist can do.

  4. Hi, Charlotte: I am totaly sold on story boards. We are doing a commercial next month and I will definitely use them.

  5. George: I'm a huge fan of stick figures. Good for you.

  6. Evil Bear Masks? I'm even more sold now!