Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Grip & Gaffer

It's April and that means the A to Z Blogging Challenge!
This year my theme is film terms.

Rory Culkin, Joaquin Phoenix and Abigail Breslin in Signs (2002).

The gaffer is the head electrician or supervisory lighting technician in the film/photography crew and is responsible for the design and execution of a production's lighting on the set.

The grip is responsible for setting up dolly tracks and camera cranes, erecting scaffolding, moving props or scenery, or the adjustment or maintenance of any other production equipment on the set.

Next time you watch movie credits, keep an eye out for the grip and the gaffer.


  1. I'm out blog hopping on a Friday afternoon in NorthCarolina looking for fellow writers. You've been busy! I am resting on my laurels today having everything in the queue except X & Z. It will come to me. If you have an interest in hotels and inns, that is my theme this year. Love the #Challenge....finding new blogs like yours.

    1. Hi, Stepheny! Yes, I'm busy. So great to meet you! I'm on the letter T in my queue. I'd better get going because if I don't I'll be scrambling.