Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Meadowlark

Welcome to the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge! Each day for the month of April I will be posting alphabetically from A to Z and my theme is Wyoming.

The Western Meadowlark is Wyoming's State Bird. I see these pretty little songbirds in the open country here in southeastern Wyoming. You can't help but smile at these charming chirpers. Their yellow bellies and black collars are distinctive, but they don't really look that much different than the Eastern Meadowlark.

What is your State Bird?


  1. The provincial bird of Newfoundland (where I was born and raised) is the puffin. Despite living on the island for 18 years, I have never actually seen a live one, and for some reason as a child I thought they were extinct.

    The provincial bird of Ontario where I now live is the Great Northern Loon, which I also don't think I've ever seen but have definitely heard. It has a very distinct call.

  2. C.D., Puffins are beautiful. They do not exist here in the states. We do have loons, however. I've even seen them in Wyoming.

  3. I love the song of the meadowlark because as I was growing up my family told me it was singing (mimicking it's sound), "Tru...deeeee is a pretty little girl."

    1. Trudy, Sweet! Your name is a bird song.

  4. Aw they are so cute. I love the yellowbellies.

  5. Jaybird, yes they are so colorful and pretty.

  6. Such a beautiful colorful bird!


  7. Cardinals for North Carolina! I like your little guy - he is a cutie!