Friday, May 4, 2012

The Raven

My birthday was April 28 and of course I went to the movies. "The Raven" was playing and I was thrilled. I'm a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and also of John Cusack. Perfect combination. I've got to give a shout out to Cusack for his amazing performance. I never realized until I saw this movie what a versatile actor he is. Comedy, drama, romance, action...he's a master at them all. This is what happens when a great script and a great actor get together.

Director James McTeigue captured the haunting tone of the story with superb sets and costumes, as well as stunning cinematography (my favorite part of filmmaking). I also applaud the fabulous score by Lucas Vidal.
I don't typically watch movies more than once at the theatre, but I'm going to see this again. It is truly amazing on the big screen.


  1. You and I and my wife all agreed this was a good movie - and we seem to be about the only three - as I've read no other positive reviews!

  2. I'm dying to see this. Love Poe. Love John. Wish I was close enough to go with you to see it.

  3. Craig: I don't understand what the critics are talking about. I didn't read the reviews until after I saw the film. I didn't want to be influenced. Only one person I know didn't like it (demographic: 34 year old male).

  4. Leslie: That would be so cool to go together! I watched it with my teen granddaughter and then the next week I saw it againg with a friend. I wouldn't mind watching it a few more times.