Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Music Monday: Superman

Superman was the first movie I ever saw on VHS. I remember the day when the kids and I went to Montgomery Ward and bought our first VCR in 1984. Unfortunately Hubby was away on a TDY in the Air Force and not available for the masculine duty of setting up the VCR. But my grandpa came to the rescue. The kids and I headed to Blockbuster and picked out a movie. We all agreed Superman would be cool. We had not seen it yet and we were excited.

We sat on the couch with our popcorn and popped in the tape. We were mesmerized when we saw the fabulous images in the opening credits accompanied by this dynamic music. I will never forget that day.


  1. It's one of the great film scores ever - it never fails to rouse me. I love the movie too - a lot. Great choice!

  2. Craig: The Superman movies are wonderful. The music packs a punch and still gives me chills when I hear it.