Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Semi-Annual Hollywood Rant

Pet Peeve: Hollywood's penchant for rehashing old movies and TV shows. Seriously, do we really need another Men in Black? In 3-D no less?

Hollywood is a wimp. It plays it safe. No risk. No edge. Of course it's all about the money. They have to sign those checks to the big stars and making a movie is not cheap when you're caught up in the Hollywood Machine. That's why there is a revolution in filmmaking. Movies and TV are changing and a new generation of  filmmakers are taking the lead.

Thanks to technology, the average Joe or Jane filmmaker can make a high quality movie without a huge budget. The Internet is changing TV and movies as well. Television networks are struggling to keep audiences. We should have seen this coming when Survivor started the reality TV craze of the past decade. Studios don't have to pay writers for scripts and thus they can save a bundle. Yeah, right.

Now the pendulum has swung and scripted shows are back with a vengeance. But it might be too late. Web TV is going to blow the socks off the entertainment industry. At least, that's my prediction and I'm not a gypsy with a crystal ball.

We now continue with today's program. . .


  1. I was kinda looking forward to MIB III....I mean, have you seen Josh Brolin playing young Tommy Lee Jones?

    Seriously (though I really don't mind series or sequels - especially when they take time in between entries)

    I do understand where you're coming from - and you're right - the edgy stuff comes from the tiny little indies getting made out there. Sure, there's dross to wade through - but the gems are so worthwhile. Kind of like that little horror flick I saw at the screening the other night - Pieces of Talent? Kick-A movie - made for a few thousand by talented indie folk!

  2. Craig: I guess I can't really complain....not Hollywood movies are bad. Obviously. But I wish they would think twice before doing a sequel/franchise. I have to say, some great TV shows have rocked my world recently -- Mad Men, SMASH, Once Upon a Time, 24, Jessie Stone, just to name a few...