Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Next Movie Project

Pre-production is underway for my next movie project. I'm still polishingg  the script, but I have the actors and crew on board. 

The movie is called The Newsboy.

Here's the concept:
A newsboy from 1912 Cheyenne, Wyoming travels to the future (2012 Cheyenne) to sell his newspapers.

This will be a silent movie shot entirely outdoors. It will be in the style of the old silent movies in black and white (although the 1912 scenes will be in color). Music will be a  Joplin-style ragtime piano tune. And of course title cards for some of the dialog.

The city of Cheyenne is a character in the movie. Since this film is for the Wyoming Short Film contest, one of the requirements is that it be shot in Wyoming or feature Wyoming in some way.

The newsboy travels from Cheyenne 1912 to Cheyenne 2012. As he sells his newspapers to everyone he meets, he enjoys the modern amenities of the future such as a cell phone, video game, computer, riding in a modern car, eating pizza, etc. I will shoot scenes of the newsboy in downtown Cheyenne's most well-known and historic sights: The Capitol, The Atlas Theatre, Depot Plaza, Plains Hotel, etc.

The portal that takes him to the future is a Wyoming state quarter which he gets from a mysterious stranger in 1912. 

We shoot on March 17, and I'm hoping to get everything shot in one day. The problem with Wyoming in March is the weather. One day could be sunny and warm in the 50s, the next there could be a blizzard that dumps three feet of snow.

Stay tuned...


  1. Best of luck with the shoot! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Thanks, Craig. Batten down the hatches!

  3. You go, girl. Looks like a great story!

  4. Thanks, Zelda. Looking forward to it...