Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Fat Boy Chronicles

Another cinematic treasure on Netflix. The Fat Boy Chronicles (2010) is about Jimmy, an overweight  teen who is bullied by his classmates. He befriends Sable, a loner goth girl who cuts herself, and Paul, a boy whose parents are alcoholics. Jimmy decides to change his life but continues to be bullied. He learns to persevere with support from his family and friends.

Director: Jason Winn
Writers: Michael Buchanan and Diane Lang
Stars: Christopher Rivera as Jimmy; Kelly Washington as Sable; and Chris Bert as Paul.


  1. This is in my queue but I haven't watched it yet. I'll try to come back after I have seen it.

  2. Goodness, Craig. I would like to hear your opinion on this. Oh my, I have been absent from my page for too long!

  3. While it had some issues that kept it from being a gem, there were some lovely moments of truth that made this worth watching. Bonus: my blog title at about the 46 minute mark.

  4. I'll add this to my Netflix queue! Thanks!

    1. Trudy yes, please do. Worth the watch.

  5. Craig, I'm realizing I am partial to stories about struggling teens. Glad to hear your views on this.

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