Monday, June 29, 2015

Letters to God

I've been watching Christian films lately and am delighted at the quality of these movies. In the past, faith and inspirational films overall, were not well done.

The best I had seen were the The Perfect Stranger films where Jesus appears on earth as a man in our modern era. He has dinner with a woman who is a skeptic, and he simply answers her questions about God. Kind of like, if you could have dinner with God, what would you ask him?

As a Christian, I am pleased to see quality acting, scripts and cinematography in faith-based films. Although there still seems to be an overabundance of "the end of the world" scenarios. I'm not a fan of these types of film in general (the Revelation Road series is the exception).

There are quite a few Christian films on Netflix and Amazon. This weekend I watched Letters to God (2010) and really enjoyed it. It is inspired by a true story about a boy who has cancer. He writes letters to God and sends them in the mail. A postman who is struggling with alcoholism and its effects on his family, gets the letters and they begin to change his life. And not only the postman's life, but the lives of the boy's family, friends and the entire community.

My favorite scene is where Tyler (the boy) talks with his friend's grandfather, played by Ralph Waite. The grandfather tells him that he is hand-picked by God to be a warrior. A warrior to help others and lead them to faith.


  1. It does sound nice. Corbin Bernsen writes and directs faith based movies now - which is pretty cool as I've always liked him.

  2. Craig, I will have to check those films out. There is definitely a place for uplifting and inspiring stories.

  3. Cool. My local library has this, I'm going to check it out.

    1. Trudy It's a good, uplifitng film. A bit of a tear jerker. Humor here and there that counteracts the intense drama.