Friday, August 8, 2014

The Famous "Fugitive" Train Wreck

The train wreck sequence in "The Fugitive" (1993) is one of the best action sequences ever. Dr. Richard Kimble has been convicted of the murder of his wife. He is on a prisoner transport bus, ankles chained together, as are his fellow prisoners. The bus is hit by an oncoming train and Kimble escapes -- thus beginning his "fugitive" status. The director said that this sequence was a one-time deal. There were no retakes, so cameras and explosives had to be in place. Editing on this sequence is superb!


  1. It's a great movie - and I particularly love this sequence - because - the dialogue sets the scene as taking place in Southern Illinois - just a few miles from where I grew up. But they shot the sequence in northwest North Carolina - which is where I live now! Even funnier - the plane crash in the sequel - US Marshals? It takes place somewhere else (Ohio?) but they actually shot that part in Southern Illinois! Boggled yet?

  2. Oh, yes. Totally boggled! I did remember that the St Patrick's Day parade scene was the actual parade. Not staged for the film. It appears that "Kimble joining the St. Patrick's Day parade was not originally scripted -- Andrew Davis added it later and got permission from the mayor's office to film, although several people are visibly surprised to see Ford walking alongside them."