Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams Moments

I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Robin Williams - a delightful comedian and entertainer, and a superb actor in both comedy and drama. Here are just a few of my favorites Robin Williams films.

"The Dead Poets Society" is my all time favorite film. The character of Professor John Keating is superbly played by Williams. He brings something truly special to the role.

In "Good Will Hunting," Williams captures the poignant character of psychologist Sean Maguire,who can't stop grieving his wife's death. But despite his personal pain, he helps and encourages Will.

As Armand Goldman in "The Birdcage," Williams plays a gay father and manager of a burlesque theatre. His comedic style is toned down quite a bit so that Nathan Lane can shine. The chemistry between the two actors is delightful to watch.

In "Mrs. Doubtfire," Williams plays a man who will do whatever it takes to see his children - even passing himself off as a woman.


  1. Such a huge outpouring of love - he is truly missed all over the web and all over the world. RIP.

  2. So true. He was one of the most dynamic and versatile entertainers ever. I never dreamed that someone so funny could be such a wonderful dramatic actor.