Tuesday, January 5, 2016

30 Days of Hustle Challenge!

I have joined Jon Acuff's 30 Days of Hustle challenge! I am to choose one thing to hustle on for the next 30 days. I originally chose "write a first draft of my novel," but then I realized that I am NOT a novelist. I had aspirations of being the next John Grisham, Stephen King or JK Rowling. I'd begun a novel many times over the years and never got anywhere. I kept getting stuck in the muck. I would feel overwhelmed, depressed and inspired.

You're not supposed to feel this way when you're doing something you love and that you're good at. So what do I love and what am I good at? (Yes, I'm ending sentences with a preposition, so what?)

I'm good at writing plays and scripts. So that is my goal for the 30 Days of Hustle challenge!

More specifically, I will enter a play in the Tiny Plays for Ireland and America contest. The deadline is February 19. The winners in each category will receive $500 and have their play selected for a stage reading in Washington, DC and in New York City at the Kennedy Center. Winners also get transportation, hotel accommodations and tickets to the staged readings.

For me, it's not about the money. It's about writing a play that inspires and encourages people, and having it performed for an audience. Here is a song that Jon Acuff posted to inspire us.

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