Monday, March 25, 2013

The Shivers

The Ghosts: Abraham, Clementine (me) and Kendra

Guess who plays a ghost in the short film The Shivers? Yep, it's me!

The Shivers is based on "The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers" by the Brothers Grimm. The screenplay was written by Shawn Crochet and Kevin Ogle-Johnson. It's about a guy named Jake who accepts a bet to spend the night in a haunted theatre. I play Clementine, one of the ghosts whose spirit haunts the theatre. She died when she was taken from her husband and children and hung in the town square as a witch.

The film will be entered in the 2013 Wyoming Short Film contest. The film was shot at the Historic Atlas Theatre in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is actually haunted. Paranormal groups have set up camp in the upstairs rooms with their ghost-finding equipment. Check out these photos I took of the shoot.

One of the upstairs rooms with peeling wall paper and drafty windows.
Spook factor very high.

The creaky staircase leading to the haunted upstairs area.

Shawn Crochet, the director, shot all the ghost scenes with a green screen
to make some cool special effects.

Me as Ghost Clementine in full makeup. I scare myself!

Ghost Abraham (Justin Batson)  ponders his life as a minister
 that "did some terrible things." 

Ghost Kendra (Kelsey Swanson), scarred by the burning theatre.

A dark hallway upstairs on the third floor. 

Shawn setting up a camera.

Shoes in one of the haunted rooms used to store costumes.
I think they move when no one is looking.

Costumes on hangers in the costume room. I found a dead bird
on the floor by the window. Too creeped out to take a picture.

More stairs leading to the ghostly realms. 

Makeup artist, Cathy Chadwick, puts the finishing touches on Kelsey.

More creepiness in the upstairs regions. A door and paint-chipped wall.

Vince Zakis, who plays Jake, the guy who spends the night in the haunted theatre; Shawn Crochet, the director; and Jerry Steinhour, camera operator.

This is where people have actually seen the ghost of a little boy
playing on the steps. 

The third floor area -- creepiest in the whole theatre.

Jerry and Shawn shooting Justin on the green screen. 

Jerry and Shawn setting up the cameras.

Me, Justin and Kelsey in our ghostly garb.


  1. Wow! What an atmospheric location! Looks like a very cool short film! Best of luck with it!

  2. Craig: The Historic Atlas Theatre is pretty amazing. It has a rich history and it's still used today by the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players. I'll keep you posted on the film.