Monday, December 31, 2012

Skyfall Encore!

Thinking I should see Skyfall in the theatre one more time before it's gone forever. For me, this was one of the best James Bond flicks in recent years. The fact that I'm a huge fan of Daniel Craig is another reason to take the leap (no pun intended). And of course seeing Javier Bardem remove the mouth piece that prevents his face from looking like a living skull is priceless.

Best line: Welcome to Scotland!


  1. Huzzah Skyfall! I agree with your best line, too! Rumor has it they were thinking of approaching Sir Sean for that role - but Albert Finney's wonderful in it.

  2. Craig: Albert Finney = Superb! Sean Connery would have been great, as well. I LOVE the references to classic Bond - the Aston Martin, the 1962 wine, Q with the gun and radio, the cool Moneypenny twist, and of course the music!