Friday, June 22, 2012

Puppets RULE!

I'm a puppeteer. There's just something about bringing an inanimate object to life that captivates me. Must be the Frankenstein gene..."It's ALIVE!"

I have an enormouse puppet collection. They are my peeps. They love to perform and speak their minds.

I have "people" puppets (kids with red hair, black hair, pig tails, blonde hair, hillbillies, princesses, angels, doctors, etc.)

I have animal puppets (crow, frog, mouse, lion, dragon, penguin, cat, dog, wolf, zebra, etc.)

My goal is to learn to perform with marionets.

This was a good month for my puppets. Granddaughter Lily was visiting and we brought them all out and had a blast. She especially liked Dundee the Zebra puppet from Australia.

I also brought one lucky puppet (Billy Joe Crow) to Vacation Bible School this week to talk to the kids about flying from London to the United States.

Just yesterday I watched a movie called "The Beaver." Mel Gibson has psychological issues (in the movie!) and can only communicate through a beaver puppet. I was also mesmerized with the B story about his teen son Porter, which was compelling and beautful. The film was directed by Jodie Foster. This has become one of my favorite films.


  1. Zelda: Looks like a great movie. I'll check it out for sure. Have fun with your puppets! Keep us posted on your marionet adventure.

  2. Zelda: Thanks...I plan to do just that. And I will keep you posted on the marionet situation. Wish there was a class I could take...

  3. I have had fun with puppets. Not sure about The Beaver - it sat on the shelf for a long while - no obvious reasons? Was it only Mr. Gibson's ongoing issues with public relations, do you think?

  4. Craig: I don't know. I think he did a great job in this movie. I like stories about people with psychological issues and how they deal with them. I was a psych major after all...