Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with Dick and Jane

One of my favorite Jim Carrey flicks, Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) is hilarious. For a comedy, the cinematography is pretty spectacular. Note the scene in the office building with the men in suits stumbling over the empty water cooler bottles. I never saw the original 1977 version with George Segal and Jane Fonda, but it's on my must-watch list.


  1. I saw the original in the theater as a kid - my parents took me to movies like that - that's why I don't have a lot of "babysitter" stories...but I've not seen the new one. Just from the trailer alone, however, I can tell you - be prepared - the original is a very different movie, much more sedate in tone. I'd be very intrigued to hear what you thought, so please let us know if you see it!

  2. Craig: Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I love the old flicks. I'm glad the remake took a different tone and the director adapted it to a modern-day story.